Connect with participants in record time with Smart Research. Conduct your research, interviews, usability testing and much more in a quick and easy way.

Customize your research by choosing the right solution to find the perfect results.

Smart is in Brazil, and also in the world!

We have always believed that connecting businesses and consumers can create a world with better products and services. With that in mind, Smart Research has become a data collection company with the aim of showing that this reality is possible, both for companies and consumers.


Reach the right audience for your survey in less than 24 hours Find verified, high-quality business professionals ready to provide insights. Choose by area, profession, location, skills and more. Recruit, schedule and receive your results — all in one place, complying with all the GDPR standards.


Translations performed in real time to ensure quality results We have a simultaneous translation team available for every session to ensure the best interpretation and complete understanding of the material. Your research quality in the results and facilitation in the accomplishment of the researches.


Gather all your research files and content in one place Have all your search results gathered and easily accessible. Smart Research guarantees the concentration of your data with protection and reliability.


Receive all your research results with metrics, analysis, and insights We provide complete reports with all the intended results, as well as numbers, tables and much more for analysis. All easy to understand and ready to be applied in your business.


Have supported and moderated survey sessions. Our team is prepared to give all the needed support, ensuring success to the research and quality of information. Our moderation team is available and has experience in various methodologies.


Receive all your research content in text files. Get transcripts with your in full participant responses, provided by our transcription team. Access transcripts whenever you need them and don't miss any insights.


We guarantee the security of your information and your research through a secure encryption system. We protect your research results and insights through a coded security system, with security requirements at all stages.


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